From Wednesday, November 17th to Wednesday, December 8th, you will be able to order the exclusive t-shirts by music artists and bands designed only for this campaign. There will be a number of different designes by Slovenian performers and performers from the former Yugoslavia avaliable.

In the offer you will be able to find and order T-shirts of the following performers and groups:

Pankrti, Buldozer, Jure Lesar, Lublanski psi, Kuzle, Lačni Franz, Šank Rock, Psihomodo Pop, Jinx, Katalena, Pero Lovšin, Zoran Predin, Laufer, Let 3, TBF, Otroci socializma, Demolition Group, Paraf, Vatra, Termiti, TMS Crew, Grad, Riječki novi val – anthology, Alejuandro Buendija, Pavel, Brain Holidays, Fit, Rising Dream, Bajaga, Val, Mrtvi kanal, Plavi orkestar, Luka Nižetić, Triiiple, Alex Ognjena, Ogledala, Denis & Denis, Grč in Mizar.

Please note:

This sales action lasts for three weeks: from 17th Nov to 8th December 2021.
All T-shirts ordered as part of this campaign will be shipped within five days after the end of the campaign, ie  13.12.2021.

The prices include VAT, postage will be additionally charged according to the official price list of the post.

In the entire offer of T-shirts, a part of the T-shirts is made exclusively for this campaign, so after the campaign closes, these T-shirts will no longer be available for a longer period.