Cover art za digitalije

Reminder: Cover artworks are mandatory. Deliver the original artwork whenever possible.

Artwork format. The artwork must be in JPEG format, between 1440×1440 and 3000×3000 pixels.

Pixelated, blurry, stretched, misaligned or rotated artworks are not accepted.

Cropped images / Additional bars on artworks. Not accepted: covers containing additional bars (that are not a part of artwork’s design) to fit the required resolution or artworks that a missing part(s) of the image (or information).

Artistic choice. In some cases, blurry, pixelated, misaligned, cropped and rotated artworks may be accepted if the mentioned effects are displayed as artistic choice and in artistic purposes

Artwork image content rules include but are not limited to:

Third parties IP. Displaying of third party’s intellectual property on the artwork is not accepted on any store. Do not display famous characters, pieces of arts, logos, trademarks, industrial design etc. without prior authorization from their owner. Representation of an artist as a character of movie, TV show or cartoon may be tolerated for artistic choices. Note that any parody or misuse of third parties IP may be rejected despite artistic choice.

Pornographic content. Artworks displaying pornographic content are not accepted.

Nazi propaganda. Artworks depicting Nazi symbolism are not accepted.

Terrorism. Artworks displaying terrorist content or promoting terrorist activities are not accepted.

Cultural sensitivities. (according to stores policies and territorial legislation) May be rejected: artworks displaying shocking images or graphic content, artworks promoting or displaying any form of children safety issues, harassment, extreme violence, xenophobic content or any other discriminatory content, artworks containing images of nudity (even with Explicit Content Logo), drug reference or depiction of drug.

Generic templates. Artworks using generic templates are not accepted. Artworks using the same image while changing the color pallet are considered as generic templates and are not accepted either.